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This page contains information that pertains specifically to membership in the Grizzly Peak Cyclists, Inc. Everyone is welcome on this page, but it's mainly interesting only if you are a club member!

Currently, we have information on:


While GPC is a fairly loosely run club, there are a few things that need to be done from time to time. Here's how:

Policies and Guidelines

Here are our Ride Guidelines, for riders and leaders both.
Here is our Ride Leader Credit Policy.
Here is the latest list of earned Ride Leader Credits. This list is also published in the Wheel Truth each month.
Here is our Century Planning Policy.


Here are some forms of use to club members. Folks online will never have an excuse to not have these again! (In order to read or print the PDF format files, you may need to download a free reader program from Adobe.)


Email List. Grizzly Peak Cyclists maintains an email list open to members of the club. Read all about it on the Email List page.

Email Contacts. Email and other key contact information is listed on the officers contact page.

Internal Organization

The club officers and their contact information are listed on the officers contact page.
The club bylaws are available on-line.
The club makes annual donations from Century proceeds to worthy bicycle-related causes. The procedure and guidelines for doing so are posted on-line.

Wheel Truth Archive

An archive of the Wheel Truth (in PDF format) from to January, 2000 through the current issue, and ride schedules from August, 1995 to the present is available to club members. Access is protected by the current club user/password sent to club members in the monthly Wheel Truth email. Please note that this is a generic club user/password, not a personal one, and too many authentication failures will lock you out of the web site for several hours. If you are a member and don't have your monthly email, you can request it be resent.


Here is the traditional set of recipes for various quickbreads and cookies as previously published in Wheel Truth.

And, here are some new cookie recipes.

Century Volunteer Opportunities

There are lots of opportunities to help out with our annual century ride.

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